Leto s Monikou is a solo project of Slovak singer-songwriter, producer and film score composer Monika Midriaková, based in Prague, Czech Republic.


Studying at the Film Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague and playing in Monika's previous band Monikino Kino (2012-2016) led to the birth of Leto s Monikou.


In November 2016, the first songs emerged, and eventually grew into the release of debut album Leto s Monikou on Slnko Records in September 2018. Monika composed, produced and wrote all the lyrics on her own. Martin Tvrdý, a.k.a. Bonus, contributed to the drum section. The album won the Debut of the Year 2018 at Slovak Radio_Head awards in a listeners’ vote. In the same month, Monika was nominated for the Czech Lion Film Awards for Music for Winter Flies, premiered at Toronto's TIFF and Karlovy Vary IFF.


Leto s Monikou speaks with ease and precision about coping with feelings of alienation, loneliness and fear. Through Monika's lyrics, expression and electronic beats, the songs are blend of two different genres: folk and electro. Leto s Monikou performs as a solo, one-woman show until the summer of 2019. And in the autumn, she will begin preparing a new set up and concerts with a full band.